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The Definitive BookOn Selling using NLP

Learn How To Sell Anything to Anyone by knowing How and Why People buy

Dear friend,

Would you like to know how you can…

  • Read the mind of your client and make him want to buy from you.
  • Understand someone’s emotions and thoughts at all times.
  • Know when someone is lying or telling the truth.
  • Know when someone is being genuinely interested in buying from you or just faking it.

If so, then you need to take five minutes to read this important letter.

Let me ask you something:

If you had the one thing that could potentially make your Sales Skills better by a hundred percent by giving you access to people's true thoughts and emotions, would you grab it?

Let me rephrase that:

If you had the ultimate key to sales success, sellers influence and client persuasion, would you be interested in finding that key and keeping it for yourself?

You might be wondering why I’m asking you these questions, but give me 2 minutes and I can explain to you everything you need to know about persuasion, influence and most importantly, human communication.

Have you ever wondered why successful sales people and other similar professionals are just so good in communicating with others?

With a single word or a single wave, these individuals can seize the passion and interest of others at such a high level that even after they have spoken, their power of influence remains with their customers.

The secret to their phenomenal success in Sales

  • In fact, you can have some or all of these things and still have no ability to persuade and communicate with people to achieve your most cherished goals in life.

Their secret lies in the way they read the people they talk to.

They have a secret weapon – and that weapon is their special knowledge of The Psychology of Buying and Selling……

Spoken Words Are Only 30% Of The Message

This might sound confusing…

But yes, it is absolutely true!

Current research shows that human communication occurs in three distinct levels – and unfortunately, verbal communication is just one level of the whole communication process.

If the spoken word is just 30% of the message, where did the 70% go? The remaining 70% of any idea, thought or emotion expressed during a face to face conversation is actually expressed through the myriad of gestures, facial expressions, positions and movements that a person uses when he is trying to communicate something to people.

That means if you don’t know how to read body language, you are actually missing a whopping seventy percent of what is actually being said! You lose seventy percent of the total message each and every time.

Now think about this:

If you wanted to persuade someone or if you wanted to gain an advantage in any situation, wouldn’t it be a great boon if you actually knew how to ‘read’ other people’s minds by just looking at their body language?

The body language is already there but if you don’t know how to recognize the body language itself and if you don’t know how to connect the body language with the verbal content of the message, then you still won’t be able to make sense of what is actually being expressed (which is completely different from just hearing a person speak).

Imagine For A Moment...

  • Detecting deception when someone is trying to hold information from you or misguide you
  • Persuading people more easily because you understand what they need by reading their body language during a conversation
  • Discovering what a person really thinks about you or your product or services… And planning ahead if you want to stay on top of the situation.
  • Achieving your goals easily and effortlessly by persuading other people – through the power of establishing rapport
  • Gaining the confidence to talk to anyone, anytime knowing that you will never be in the dark about what the other person is really saying and thinking about you
  • Being in complete control of social situations, even if you have to interact with people that you have never met or spoke to before
  • Diffusing power players before they get the upper hand
  • Equalizing social situations so you would be able to persuade clients more easily
  • Grabbing opportunities quickly when you see such opportunities when you speak to other people
  • Turning the tables when you are at a disadvantage during a sales meeting, conference, presentation or even in a plain conversation

Here's How You Get Direct Access To People's Thoughts And Emotions

Think about it: humans are social beings. It is impossible for anyone to do anything without the use of language, expression or direct communication. We have an innate need to express ourselves because that is how we developed as a species.

Imagine being able to hold on to that supreme skill of reading other people’s body language every time you have to talk to someone.

That is like holding the key to people’s minds. Every time a person speaks he speaks not only with words and the sounds that he produces but also with his body.

But here’s the thing about body language – people can only control a small percentage of their body language and this can only happen if and only if they have some intentions in mind. 99% of the time, the body language that you will see when people talk is instinctual, habitual and completely natural.

That means people are unknowingly expressing their innermost thoughts, emotions and desires – and if you know how to read body language like an expert, you will be able to understand all of the signals that you will be receiving during a conversation!

You will become the ultimate communicator because you will be able to understand what people are really trying to tell you and you will be able to respond to people’s needs more easily because you actually hear what they want to express rather than what they are just saying verbally.

Fact: People Are Hardwired To Express Their True Selves Through Body Language

This is a little known fact in human communication: when a person talks, he does so because he wants something.

He has a need for something. He intends to acquire something for himself.

There is always intention behind communication – and the easiest way to gain rapport and to gain the trust of another person is to understand what these needs are so you can respond to these needs.

Body language is used and understood by world leaders, local politicians, businessmen, organization leaders and other top brass individuals throughout the world.

The greatest movers and shakers of the world are successful at what they do precisely because they can read people so easily. They can change strategies in a heartbeat because they could detect hesitation, fear, anxiety, doubt and a million other things by just watching how people interact with them.

Fact: People Naturally Gravitate To Those Who Can Read Between The Lines And Respond To Their Inner Needs

Have you ever wondered why some sales people are loved and some are simply despised?
There is an almost invisible line that separates well-loved sales people from extremely despised ones and this line is actually the ability to communicate well with others. Despised leaders are usually people who have no idea how to truly communicate with others.

They go about forcing their ideas and rules unto others without truly understanding how people ‘tick’.

Well-loved sales people on the other hand are genuine masters of influence because they can read people so well. They can diffuse trouble easily because they can read the most hidden thoughts of people by watching how they express themselves.

This uncanny ability to read people’s behavior and thoughts is not the result of endless seminars or courses in sales pitches.

Such training doesn’t actually teach you how to understand other people – you just gain insight as to how you can express yourself. What about the other half of the picture?

What about the all-important feedback from the client?

That’s where I come in. You see for many years now I have devoted a significant portion of my daily life to researching and fine tuning systems of Sales & Business Development. It has been my life’s work to teach others how to achieve their goals in Sales by looking inward and reaching out to the tools they already have so they can persuade and influence others.

For the most part, I teach people how to listen and understand others.

Because when you want to become influential and truly persuasive, you are NEVER IN THE CENTER of the picture. You are never the most important agent. The most important agent is the person that you are trying to persuade or influence.

The Real Secret To Becoming Highly Persuasive Sales Superstar:

One of the secrets that I’ve learned over the years as I mastered several fields was that if I put myself as a priority during a sales interaction, I won’t get the results that I want. It is that simple.

This applies to anyone who wants to impress a girl or persuade a boss or manager to go with their plans or ideas. The most important person is not yourself but the other person – the person that you want to influence or persuade.

Too often, Sales people make the mistake of putting themselves or their products and /or services at the very center of things. I call this the “Me, Me, Me!” problem. When a person thinks that he or his product /service is the most important thing in any form of sales interaction, he will lose the battle for influence because he is thinking only of himself / selling.

He will not be responding to anyone’s needs in this type of mindset and thus, his clients would simply abandon him halfway through the conversation – because really, no one wants to listen to someone who doesn’t hear anyone but himself.

Do you see how communication really works now?

Communication is always a two-way process – there is always a constant exchange of ideas and thoughts.

If you make it a one-way process (and your client is closed off completely) it is not really communicating anymore. You are just setting yourself up for failure because you are not actively listening to the other person.

Body language in sales is unique because it is actually part of the instinctual package that has been handed down to us by our ancestors.

Body language is universal and there have been many studies that prove that many human gestures and expressions are actually understood despite cultural divides and cultural differences.

So it doesn’t matter if you are an Indian or an American and you are speaking to someone from Japan or the Middle East – the foundational rules of body language are the same all over.

People ask me: AD, is it possible to learn all that you need to know about sales without reading a single book about sales?

My answer is: yes, if you can devote at a few hours a day studying how people interact with other people and how people interact with you.

And by then, you would be limited to a very small cluster of people because our social circles are essentially limited and very few people actually come into contact with more than ten people every single day.

So if you want to learn about Sales this way the learning process would actually take longer and you will need much more resources in order to get a more meaningful learning experience.

Here's My Complete Guide To Mastering The Art Of Selling Through NLP

That common denominator is the ability to influence and persuade others and it’s the one ability that will supersede any other favorable attribute that you may have, including your education, expertise, knowledge, persistence, and intelligence or personality qualities.

“How to be a Sales SuperStar Magnet” is the first and only book in the market that can help you master how to sell like a “PRO” minus the frills and learning curve associated with other systems or courses. “How to be a Sales SuperStar Magnet” focuses on the most important aspects of the use of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming and how it relates to the human experience on a daily basis.

“How to be a Sales SuperStar Magnet” is the only book you will ever need if you want to understand people beyond the Sales channel. If you want to understand all three channels of communication (verbal, vocal and non-verbal) you are in the right place at the right time, my friend.

Let me show you around!

Here's What You Will Learn:

  • The Psychology of Buying and Selling
  • How People Buy – Seeing Your Client Through Your Clients Eyes
  • Establishing Rapport – The Key to big money
  • Creating Magic: Techniques for a successful sales strategy
  • Effective Listening
  • Verbal Techniques That Build Trust
  • Mirroring – Building Trust non-verbally
  • Eliciting Outcomes – discovering your client’s strategy
  • Pacing and Leading
  • Cashing Objections
  • Closing Successfully
  • And Much More!

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I've Transformed The Complete Science Of Selling using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Into A Simple, Easy To Understand Learning Format

What you have just read is a “bare bones” outline of what can be found in my 100-page mega book on How to sell using the power of NLP. As you can see from my humble outline, I have tried my best to cover all of the areas that anyone would need to learn if they wanted to really become proficient at selling and gain insight from the experience of listening not only to the verbal and vocal channels, but also to the most important communication channel of all – the non-verbal channel.

I have also made sure that every lesson, recommendation and tip in “How to be a Sales SuperStar Magnet” will be easy to learn and remember so you wouldn’t have to review things twice. You can read it once and you can definitely start applying what you have learned in the real world. My book is a vital springboard that can jumpstart your own learning experience as you practice reading other people’s psychology of buying.

Can you imagine the exciting possibilities? With this special knowledge, never again will you have to guess what other people are thinking because you would have exquisite proof by reading their non-verbal messages.

REMEMBER: Non-verbal messages are very hard to control; it is almost impossible to lie with body language because the body responds automatically to what the mind conceives!

My friend, you now have a golden opportunity to change the way you think, speak and sell for the better. Your client interactions and the results of all your efforts will increase immensely as you begin to understand what your clients really want from you when they speak to you. You will also be able to protect yourself from clients who are not being sincere to you because you now have a system in place to determine whether or not the other person is saying the whole truth and nothing but.

``Sounds Good Avi. So How Much Is Going To Cost Me?``

When my friends and family discovered my quest to produce the very first easy-to-follow Sales with NLP system, they wanted me to charge a high price for the book because it is packed with so much useful information. But I politely declined the idea because that is not my goal.

My goal is to get this into the hands of all of those people who want to better themselves directly by mastering the art of selling using NLP Techniques.

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Total Value $87

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It's Time to Make Your Move

  • All the benefits of being able to understand people better will flow into your life and enrich it.You might be surprised as to how easy it is to improve personal ties and resolve conflicts by following a determined system of communication that focuses on responding to people’s actual thoughts and emotions as opposed to just listening to the verbal content of the message.You might also be surprised as to how easy it would be to persuade and influence someone by studying how he chooses to interact with you.And you know what the best thing about all this is?
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