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The short answer is: someone who helps you focus on getting out of life what is important to you (even when you don’t know what that is yet!) and gives you the tools to keep doing this long after your final session.Unlike counseling, Life Coaching isn’t that interested in the past, preferring instead to focus on where you want to go than where you have been.
I’m not even sure If I have the answer the question of what Life Coaching is because I don’t think there is one answer, so I’ll just give my highly personal take and let you decide if you agree or if it’s even useful.Life Coaching is the art of helping people get from where they are to where they want to be using a combination of encouragement, offering advice when pertinent, asking the right questions to help people think differently and occasionally even intervening.
Unlike a lot of Life Coaches, I prefershort-term contracts. I love it when clients are able to see results sooner than expected and prefer to give people toolsthey can use to keep moving forward after they have finished working with me. The average client usually stays with me for between 4 and 6 sessions and seldom do I work for longer than 10 sessions with any one client.
It’s something that I insist on doing with every client before I start working with them.Even when people buy Life Coaching for family and friends, I will speak with the client first to make sure that it’s going to be right for them.
If you get results sooner than you expect and this happens fairly regularly, you have 3 choices for your remaining sessions: 1. You can bank the session or sessions in case you need a bit of help in the future. This is what most people tend to do. 2. You can donate the sessions to someone that can’t afford Life Coaching. 3. You can receive a refund on a pro rata basis.
Full payment for Life Coaching is due prior to the commencement of coaching. Under exceptional circumstances I will do what I can to accommodate anybody that has difficulty with this. My preferred method of payment is PayPal, but all major forms of payment are accepted. If you book a course of sessions and you are not completely satisfied and wanting to continue after the first session, I will offer a 100% refund including that session.

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